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When a candidate is sitting across the table from you during an interview, they're saying, "Whether you have 1 or 100 other candidates for this position, I am the MOST qualified, and you should hire me." It's quite the statement, but is this false bravado, or true belief?
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Simple tweaks can help create a workplace with more engaged, more effective employees. Teams are an integral part of our workplace. Business owners need to master the skills to help their teams function at their very best.
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It's pretty incredible how often you hear managers complaining about their best employees leaving, and they really do have something to complain about — few things are as costly and disruptive as good people walking out the door.
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Few things can be as dangerous to a company’s long-term survival as stagnation. As with any group of people, companies develop cultures, ways of thinking and acting that, for better or worse, can become ingrained “cultural traditions."
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A recent Gallup poll indicates that the percentage of U.S. employees who consider themselves “engaged” in their jobs averaged 31.5 percent, an historical low.

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If you want to make sure you're providing your employees with an environment in which they can thrive, check your workplace for these motivation killers.
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